On the 28th of December, I flew to Atlanta to help my future sister-in-law move across the country. She, having found a job in New Mexico after graduating with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, needed to make the move from Pittsburg to Albuquerque. We all decided that a road trip through the South would make the move more fun. We were in Baton Rouge on New Years Eve. I watched the clock tick over to midnight from the kitchen counter of an AirBNB, working quietly on my laptop.

A close uncle of mine passed away yesterday, on his birthday, after a long and difficult battle with cancer. He will be missed by many, but it is good that his suffering has ended.

And this. What is this?

The remix of the cover that you never knew you needed.

This morning I stumbled upon this strange adult-contemporary/lounge/Caribbean folk hybrid…. From Weezer….. and RAC…. ….and ostensibly Toto?

And yet it is neither Weezer, nor RAC, nor Toto. It’s at once both strangely disturbing and comforting, an odd synergy of the three bands that sounds something like a chance conversation between Paul Simon and Sade at a coffee shop in Seattle late on a rainy January morning.

2019 feels…..good. I have a quiet optimism for the personal development and professional growth that will come this year, to say nothing of getting married to the love of my life and focusing more on what our future together will bring.

I think this song encapsulates my 2019 vibe so far. A little strange, but nice, and comforting. It’s also a pretty great song for a drizzly, overcast Vancouver morning.