On Identifying as an Underdog

Ever since I was a young boy I’ve been the scrapper, the tough kid, the underdog. I was tenacious as a pit bull and everyone knew it. When I started playing hockey at 10 years old, I was the smallest kid out there. And that never really changed. By the time I turned 17 I […]

On Procrastination and Note Taking

Below is an incomplete thought. This morning I had a great idea for a blog post. Something really simple and impactful. The idea stemmed from some article I was reading on some wiki page somewhere on the internet. I then had a fire to put out at my agency, Boxer. Something that needed to be […]

Wherever You Go, There You Are

It’s a great book on meditation by Jon Kabat-Zinn [affiliate link]. It’s also something I’ve recently noticed to be true in my general reality. Let me explain. Today is January 1st, 2020. Last night was New Years Eve, and many people were celebrating and making resolutions and posting meaningful quotes across various social media platforms. […]

Taxes, Payroll, and EOY Things

That’s End of Year for those in the cheap seats. In the past two days I’ve spent a grand total of six hours or so on the phone, in user portals, and talking to my expert tax, bookkeeping, and payroll team, getting some last-minute planning done for 2019 taxes. What did I learn? Well, first […]

On Journaling Daily and Why

So I’m going to try journaling publicly five days a week. Two coaches that I’m working with are pressing me to do this, and they are both far more successful than I am, so I suspect I can learn a lot by listening to them. The point of this exercise is to work through problems […]

No Anonymity Protection for .US Domains

Last week I made the mistake of purchasing a “.us” domain for one of my businesses without doing the proper research. Because you must be a US resident to purchase a .us domain, they don’t allow any kind of whois protection which means that my company information is on record and searchable in whois databases, […]

2019 Brings Strange Tidings

On the 28th of December, I flew to Atlanta to help my future sister-in-law move across the country. She, having found a job in New Mexico after graduating with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, needed to make the move from Pittsburg to Albuquerque. We all decided that a road trip through the South would make […]