Below is an incomplete thought.

This morning I had a great idea for a blog post. Something really simple and impactful. The idea stemmed from some article I was reading on some wiki page somewhere on the internet.

I then had a fire to put out at my agency, Boxer. Something that needed to be dealt with immediately and effectively.

I told myself I would get around to the idea I had later in the day.

Neglecting to write the idea down, I simply turned my phone off, thinking that when I turned my phone back on later in the day I would open it up to the page in question.

No such luck, as by the time I opened my phone back up again I had totally forgotten about the blog post idea and only now, 12+ hours later, am I remembering bits and pieces about it. Sadly, I don’t remember enough to find the article again.

Takeaway: Take notes, boys and girls.