That’s End of Year for those in the cheap seats.

In the past two days I’ve spent a grand total of six hours or so on the phone, in user portals, and talking to my expert tax, bookkeeping, and payroll team, getting some last-minute planning done for 2019 taxes.

What did I learn? Well, first of all, I learned that 2019 was a year of learning and planning for me. I didn’t do much client work this year, and I spent a bundle on education and coaching. Most of the year’s working hours were spent in planning and building systems for massive growth in 2020. Yes, 2020 will be the year when the rubber meets the road and my business takes off like a rocket into the stratosphere, if you’ll pardon the mixed metaphors. 😉

At any rate, if you run a business, try to manage everything yourself, and want to scale at some point, you’re going to learn sooner or later that you’ll need to hire a team of experts for the business periphery; things like bookkeeping, taxes, payroll, HR, and so on. All the stuff that is part of running a business, but isn’t usually an entrepreneur’s area of expertise.

One thing I might suggest is outsourcing that stuff sooner rather than later. I recommend Anderson Advisors for tax law and planning. They also do contract reviews and offer many other services for their USD $35/mo Platinum service.

For Payroll, I’m currently using ADP for cost and simplicity reasons, but I’m already planning my switch to a more concierge payroll experience with Shannon Theis at Payroll Solutions Plus later this year.

And finally for bookkeeping, I’m using the awesome Deepika Yeldandi at DRY Financial.

I only share these resources with you because they have been great for me. None of the links above are affiliate links, nor do I get any kickback from referrals. However, I would love it if you would drop my name if you talk to any of the above businesses as I do like them to know that I am out here spreading the word! 😁

That’s it for now. Godspeed, and happy new year!